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  • 90% of orders are shipped the same business day
  • 90% of orders are delivered the next business day
  • $14.99 flat rate shipping to most provinces


This website offers the most budget-friendly prices compared to all the others. What's truly great is that you can access their lowest prices even when purchasing just a single item! You don't have to commit to buying in bulk like some other websites require. Additionally, my order was swiftly delivered to me in just one day.

Suzy Traviss-Warawa

Ok guys!! What an amazing company! I placed my order less than 24 hours ago and I have it already! Completely 100% accurate and soooo fast! I’m blown away. I ordered 25 items of varying colours, sizes and types… AND IT WAS 100% accurate! 12 stars out of 10! I ordered from Calgary and I live 2 hours plus north of Calgary! HIGHLY recommend. Wow!!!


As the owner of a silk screening business, I stumbled upon this website due to their too-good-to-be-true prices. Their prices are not only incredibly competitive but also straightforward. Unlike other websites with complex pricing grids, this site offers the lowest price, regardless of the quantity you order. This simplicity is crucial, especially for small batch orders, and it takes away the pressure to buy in bulk for a better rate.